This sales campaign was a continuation of the previous summer's campaign and we needed to make it less summery and more suitable for autumn. 

So we didn't rely on the colorful graphical elements but let the image be the thing that stands out and for that, we needed a concept on which it could stand.
As "LETOUT" stood for people letting clothes free, I came up with the concept of "struggle to freedom". Images depicted the metaphorical struggle of clothes setting themselves free from their bonds.
Creative Direction - Miks Bergmanis, Anna Sidorenko
Art Direction - Miks Bergmanis
Photography - Miks Užāns
Stylist - Sintija Selicka-Užāne
Videography - Elvis Lācis
Fashion consultant - Līga Zemture
Production Partners - Samanta Smoktija, Marta Kaprāle
Models - Rūta, Mikus, Marta
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